social video production

Video production and your marketing strategy

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a brands content arsenal. However, video is everywhere. It’s consumed in record amounts on innumerable devices by untold millions of consumers every day. The act of producing a video no longer commands attention like it once did and video producers really have to lift their game in terms of production values and content quality to attract the curious eyeballs of the target audience.


Production values are on the rise

The increase in production quality is apparent everywhere you look and at all levels. Hollywood blockbusters are effects laden, high production juggernauts delivering thrills on a minute by minute basis in order to justify the price of a ticket. Similarly, the latest seasons of long running TV based cult classics like Doctor Who and Star Trek, once famed for their shaky sets and unconvincing monster costumes, have much bigger budgets and, therefore, splash out on production quality that only a decade ago might have been the reserve of the cinema only.

Advances in technology, increased budgets and a need to compete have also led to big brand advertising to move into high production value commercials too. Everywhere you look and at every level, video producers are lifting the quality of their output in order to compete and to catch the attention of an audience with more choice than time.


Social video will soon follow suit

One of our predictions for 2018 is that brands wanting their content to be seen on social media will have to similarly up their game when it comes to production. The sheer volume of content on a variety of social media platforms means that your video will have to be something truly special to stand out, to capture the attention of your audience and ultimately to get the views, shares and social exposure you need to increase brand awareness and drive sales.


Don’t just film, book a studio

If your videos need to be a cut above the rest, then an agency specialising in video production and advertising imagery might be just the thing to get the edge on your competitors content. With a studio, set builders and a team of photographers, videographers, producers, stylists and designers on hand, Ikon Photography are well suited to the demands of all aspects of commercial photography and professional video production. More than anything, booking our expertise ensures that your social video output will be up to the standard the modern consumer demands.


Get in touch to discuss how we can create high production value social video content to supplement your marketing campaigns and give your brand the exposure and attention it deserves.