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The power of Commercial video production

Video production has never been more accessible than it is today. Anyone with a camera phone in their pocket can record a video at a whim and share it with the world via a dizzying variety of mediums.

People are also consuming video content in increasing volumes, so there’s never been a more important time for brands seeking to capture the attention of the consumer to get into video production.

If your brand hasn’t already embraced video as a means to communicate with your target audience, then it’s something you should certainly make a priority. The way you do it, however, will make all the difference between your content being noticed, viewed and shared, or simply ignored in favour of something more engaging.


Not all video is created equal

As previously mentioned, the accessibility and ubiquity of video means that mediocre content is likely to be lost amongst the noise. If you’re going to invest your hard earned money in a video to promote your brand, then it has to be something truly special to stand out from the crowd. A cheaply made video depicting your services might well ‘look nice’, but if no-one notices it, watches it, or buys based on its message, then you’re no better off than you were without a video.

Cheaply made video, therefore, ends up as a mere pit in which to throw your company money.  As with all forms of marketing, video is a means to drive sales which should bring in more revenue than it costs to produce.


What makes commercial video stand out?

As with commercial photography, a commercial video shoot starts with planning. There’s an ultimate objective in mind, usually the raising of awareness, the attracting of attention and the driving of sales. The process starts with an analysis of the best way to achieve the desired result and a methodical process as to how this can be achieved.

The polished pictures you see in a catalogue and the effortlessly enticing advertisement you see on TV have all been planned in meticulous detail to attract the people the advert is aimed at, draw their eye to particular aspects of the imagery and present that imagery is such a way as to guide their thoughts and feelings in the way the advertiser wishes.

While people may think that they consciously make buying decisions with their brain, the truth is that they really make those decisions subconsciously with their ‘heart’. While a good picture can influence the feelings of a consumer, a video is so much more powerful, more compelling and much more easy to assimilate.

Think of your favourite film, why is it your favourite? How do camera angles present each scene in a particular way? Think of the music and sound effects you hear at key plot points and consider how that adds to the scene. Notice how both of these collude to subtly communicate a mood to you and guide you towards how you’re supposed to feel about any particular part of the movie.

Commercial videographers use the same techniques combined with an innate understanding of advertising principles to make sure that the end product attracts the attention of the target audience and guides them towards regarding your brand, product or service in the way you wish to be regarded.


Combine your video marketing with the rest of your brand strategy

Commercial videography is a powerful tool by itself, however, there are many ways to get more value out of video shoot by combining it with all your other advertising and content creation. If you’ve gone to the trouble of commissioning us to build a set for you in our studio to serve as a background for your commercial video, it makes sense to use that same set, props, lighting and space to get your still photography captured at the same time.

Also consider the added value of taking secondary pictures and videos of the primary process in action, meetings discussing it and interviews with the people involved. This ‘behind the scenes content’ allows you to present your brand in a completely different light and gives your social feeds a bit of human interest to counteract the perfectly polished primary production.

Considering all aspects of your projected media output and having it all created at the same time allows you to get the best value out of your commercial video shoot and it’s a package we regularly provide to our clients. To discuss your requirements and how a full-service video production will help raise the profile of your brand across all marketing platforms, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.