commercial video production

Video – more widely consumed than any other medium

Video content is everywhere. In an online, on-demand world, no other medium is capable of delivering your message as quickly, as efficiently, or in a way in which most consumers want to be communicated than via the medium of video content. Whether you’ve already joined the video revolution, or have yet to take part, staying still and staying behind are often the same thing. When it comes to video production, forwards is the only direction to travel for businesses wanting to stay relevant.


Stay ahead or get left behind

In days gone by, simply having the capacity to produce any kind of video and the means to transmit it was sufficient to put an advertiser ahead of most of the competition, however, times have changed and they continue to do so. Most people carry round better video capture and editing technology in their pocket than was available to the professionals a decade or two ago. With this being the case and with methods of distributing videos being so accessible, it takes something truly exceptional to catch the attention of any given audience. With the average business reported to produce 18 videos per month and 65% of businesses which don’t yet produce videos planning to start doing so this year, video content is no longer ‘optional’ for businesses wishing to remain competitive.


Offer your viewers something special

Video production has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Your audience has more choice than it’s ever had before too. So you’ll have to produce something truly spectacular to make yourself worthy of their attention. This means you’ll have to commit to the highest production values you can in order to keep one step ahead of your competitors. Improvements in communication and recording technology mean that ‘high definition’ should be regarded as an absolute minimum standard and brands with an eye on the future should really be setting their sights on 4K and beyond in order to keep their edge and their audiences attention.


Film, TV & Video Production – Our services

At Ikon Photography, we offer a complete Film, TV & Video Production service. Our in house team of videographers, producers and directors can work with you to produce any kind of video production. From short online videos, to full length broadcast quality commercials and all stages in between depending on your budget and requirements. For larger scale productions, we work with a range of external freelancers and agencies so no matter what your requirements, we’re able to bring together the skills, the talent and the experience to create some truly special video content to help ensure that your message gets noticed by your audience.

If dealing with videographers, crews, voiceover artists, directors, producers, editors and the like sounds like a daunting prospect, let us take the hard work out of video production and instead rely on our decades of project management experience to make sure your brand is presented to the world and to your audience in a way which simply can’t be ignored.

To discuss your video production requirements, get in touch with Ikon and find out what we can do for you and your business.