Commercial Video Production - Get The Edge With Broadcast Quality Filming

Beat Quantity With Quality With Commercial Video Production

The power of video content is increasingly understood by anyone who knows anything at all about marketing. Even companies with modest budgets can create DIY video content, with accessible equipment which is as good as TV advertising was a few decades ago. Getting these videos out to their audience is similarly straightforward, so with production and distribution both being so easy that anyone can do it, how do you make your message stand out?

Simply put, if everyone can reach a particular bar, then you need to raise yours even higher to stay above them. The best way to compete against the sheer volume of quite reasonable quality video content, is to create, or to arrange for the creation, of even better quality video for consumers to imbibe. To stand out from the crowd, you have to stand out from the crowd.


Better Equipment, Better Composition Better Video

In days gone by, simply being able to capture and distribute a video was enough to get you attention from your audience, now that everyone can do that though, you need to lift your game to retain that interest. Where your competitors are filming on cameraphones, through to semi-professional cameras, you’ll get an edge if you can create professionally edited 4k video. If your competitors are competently writing scripts and finding decent locations, you’ll get an edge if you hire a professional scriptwriter and have a set constructed for you. Everything they can do, you have to do better or risk seeing them match you.


Commercial Video is about more than just filming

At Ikon, we have state of the art equipment and more importantly, the skills and the experience to get the most out of it. Your competitors may well have invested in good quality gear, but they’ll have had to compromise somewhere. Having equipment like ours is really only viable for full-time photographers and videographers, it simply wouldn’t be cost effective to buy it all for a single shoot and it wouldn’t be realistic to expect to get the kind of quality we can achieve, without matching our decades of experience in commercial video production.

In short, you could do what everyone else is doing and as such, be regarded as being the same as everyone else, or you could take the next logical step and engage Ikon Photography as commercial videographers to help make your brand stay head and shoulders above the competition.