Neville Johnson

Client Name
Neville Johnson
Marketing Sector
Furniture Manufacturer
Press Advertisements, Brochure, Website and PR
Key Aim
Build, light and photograph a studio room set showing a new furniture range

Neville Johnson is known as the country’s leading bespoke furniture manufacturer. So we are delighted that we got the chance to shoot their room set photography for them.

They had recently installed an extensive library in a client’s home which they wanted to photograph for their marketing campaigns.

There was a problem gaining permission from the client who, being a prominent author, wanted to maintain their privacy. This was totally understandable and left our client with a major problem, thinking they would lose the opportunity to feature a stunning installation.

However, they approached us with the installation plans, designs and some pre-installation photographs of the client house which were used to develop the concept with the sales designer who created the concept and design.

From these plans, we designed and built the room set in our studio, recreating the feel of the original location with feature oak beams and a mezzanine floor.

The furniture was then fitted into our “room” and the stylist who was commissioned for the job could go to work propping the set.

We then lit the set and photographed several angles for the brochure and advertisements under the guidance of the in-house art director and marketing manager.



The resultant photography perfectly showcases the storage solutions the client can provide and has gone on to be the most successful image in boosting sales enquiries in the company’s history. It is constantly featured in the home interest magazines and press advertisements, it was that successful for the company that it was recreated for a subsequent TV commercial and has been running on SKY, ITV and Channel 4 for the last 4 years.



This project is a perfect example of how we work with our clients to find solutions to help clients market their business, we then develop those concepts and suggest ways which they can add value to their business on an ongoing basis.

Understanding our client’s business is key to our approach and has proven to add value time and time again, allow us to help you with your business.